Curriculum Vitæ

Work Experience

October 2011 - Today: Senior Software Engineer and Architect at IT-Center of ZHdK

  • Software Architect, (project Madek)

  • Lead Software Engineer (Ruby on Rails, Clojure and JavaScript, project Madek)

  • Architect, Implementer, and Configuration Manager of the Continuous Integration infrastructure (project Cider-CI)

May 2008 - August 2011: System- and Software-Engineer at SBB-IT, Switzerland

August 2009 - August 2011: Department for Methods, Techniques and Tools

  • Technical project manager

  • Programmer in F#/C# on .NET and Ruby (on Rails)

  • System engineer Linux and Windows

  • Configuration manager providing services for developers

May 2008 - July 2009: Java Software Engineering Pool

  • Scala, Java EE, and Java SE software engineer

  • Expert for running time computation of trains

March 2007 - April 2008: Post-Doc in an EU Project at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany

  • Design and implementation of algorithms for analysis of dynamic networks

  • Software engineering in Java including instruction of assistants

  • Representation of workgroup at international meetings and workshops

October 2003 - February 2007: Research Assistant at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany

  • Design and implementation of algorithms for network analysis

  • Software engineering in Java and C++ including instruction of programming assistants

  • Analysis of data and networks with various statistical methods and algorithms

March 2002 - September 2003: Teaching and Research Assistant at the University of Konstanz, Germany

  • Teaching assistant for the lecture series mathematical foundations of computer-science

  • Research in network analysis

  • Software engineering in C++

October 1998 - September 2001: Student Worker at the University of Konstanz, Germany

  • Teaching assistant for various lectures in computer science and mathematics

  • System engineer Linux

  • Electrical engineer in physics


April 2002 - February 2007: Ph.D. Studies in Computer Science at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

  • Advisor: Prof. Dr. Dorothea Wagner

  • Areas of research:

    • Network and data statistics
    • Design of algorithms for network analysis
    • Analysis of asymptotic running time of algorithms by mathematical proof
    • Efficient implementation of algorithms in C++ and Java
  • Dissertation: Algorithmic Aspects of Triangle-Based Network Analysis

October 2001 - March 2002: Pre-Doc Combinatorics, Geometry, Computation at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich, Switzerland

  • Lectures and workshops in Randomized Algorithms, Approximation: Theory and Algorithms, and Computer Graphics

October 1994 - November 2001: Studies at the University of Konstanz, Germany

  • Major in physics and mathematics

  • 1997 - 1998 Academic exchange year at the Northern Arizona University, USA


  • Comprehensive experience and knowledge in professional software engineering:

    • in object oriented and functional programming in Clojure, Scala, and Java (SE + EE) on the JVM, in F# and C# on .NET, in C++, Ruby and Ruby on Rails, and JavaScript

    • in theory and implementation of algorithms in particular with considerations of complexity and running times

    • with various frameworks and libraries , e.g. Object Relational Mappers, testing environments (unit testing, specification tests)

    • in agile methods: Scrum, XP, TDD, BDD

    • with tools: e.g. all major IDEs, central and distributed source code management systems, automatic build systems, tracking and collaboration systems

  • Expert knowledge and experience in algorithms and techniques for network analysis with several publications and presentations at international conferences

  • Advanced knowledge of data-retrieval and analytics with various datastores (RDBMS, NoSQL) and query mechanisms (SQL, MapReduce) including presentation at international conference

  • Extended experience and knowledge in using and programming computer algebra systems as well as statistical analysis environments

  • Knowledge in railway operations and optimization with expert knowledge and publication in the computation of the running times of trains

  • Very strong in analytical problem solving and empiric approaches

  • Several years of experience in system engineering of Linux and Windows

  • Experience in using standard office tools

  • Languages:

    • German, native
    • English, business fluent
    • French, beginner - basic
    • Spanish, beginner


  • Ph.D. in computer science
  • German Staatsexamen (similar to master degree) with major in mathematics and physics
  • ScrumMaster