Published: 2010-08-04
Tagged: blog, couchdb, wiki

Starting a Blog

This is my first post ever. This Blog is essentially a spin-off from my personal Wiki. I plan to convert some of more verbal and extended Wiki pages to posts in the future. There is no point in having comments on posts from my perspective. So, there is no facility to do so.


I wrote the underlying code of this system on top of CouchdDB. There are a few reasons for this choice:

  1. It just felt right for the use case of a personal wiki from which this application is derived from.
  2. It is a two-tier architecture; hence, it is relatively simple to run it on the various operating systems (including Windows).
  3. I am a programmer interested in web technology; so, this was a useful exploration into CouchDB for myself.

At some point in the future, I might create a post about it's own backbone and even place the code on github.

Update 2011-11-05

І moved the blog, and actually the whole system, to another "platform". Read this post for more information.