Published: 2011-11-05
Tagged: couchdb, disqus, git, middlemanapp, ruby, sinatra, twitter

This posts contains some notes with respect to the relaunch of my web page and blog posts.

Webpage and Blog Relaunch

It has been a while since my last post appeared and many things have happened since. I started with a new job; which is always a busy time. Additionally, I replaced my old homepage recently, and the new system was lacking a facility to write posts for a while.

I wrote about the old system in my first post; it was based on CouchDB, but that has changed now. Don't get me wrong; I was quite happy with CouchDB, and I think it is a wonderful piece of technology. However, some time ago a few requirements disappeared, like running parts of this technology stack on Windows OS, for example. I took the chance to simplify everything radically. I actually abandoned CouchDB and replaced it with an almost completely static system based on middlemanapp.

It is now very simple to roll out a simple webpage without a dynamic server or even a database at all. It is even relatively easy to include some dynamic content thanks to the spread of JavaScript and Web-APIs like the one from twitter; as seen on the front page. It would even be possible to include comments on the posts with services like disqus; however, I still don't see the point of something like that.

Have fun with the new design, upcoming posts and other content to come!