Published: 2012-03-31
Tagged: applicative functors, functional programming, functors, haskell progrmming language, mathematics, patterns

This post features an introduction to Applicative Functors in the Haskell programming language in a concise video-clip.

An Introduction to Monads in Haskell

This posts features a concise clip introducing Monads in Haskell. Monads are conceptually build on top of Applicative Functors and I recommend to watch my contribution about the Applicative typeclass before.

The clip doesn't contain any sound. This is quite deliberate for several reasons. You should adjust the playback speed to your needs and pause when you need to contemplate. It would be annoying and disruptive if the video included sound.

About this Series

This is the fourth contribution of a series.

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  3. An Introduction to Applicative Functors in Haskell
  4. An Introduction to Monads in Haskell
  5. An Introduction to Performing IO with the IO-Monad in Haskell